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Proposal of paper accepted! Neoconstitutionalism and constitutional interpretation

9 enero, 2014


Dear friends:

Our proposal of paper for the Oslo Congress 2014 for the International Association of Constitutional Law, was accepted and we will analise the matter «Neoconstitutionalism and constitutional interpretation».

We just enclose our proposal and the possitive answer- in english and french- of our european colleagues.

Best regards,

Edwin Figueroa Gutarra


Workshop: The transformation of principle of separation of powers

Matter: Neoconstitutionalism and constitutional interpretation


The traditional limits of separation of powers and constitutional interpretation have changed a lot since principles of neoconstitutionalism and us, constitutional judges and at the same time professors of Constitutional Law, face the challenge of how our decisions and ideas are required to develop new horizons in constitutional matters.  

It is a point of discussion nowadays how this new discipline of neoconstitutionalism, even when critics seem to be strong, has influenced in judicial decisions and has changed our rules and principles about fundamental matters and how our traditional vision of powers now mean important material differences. At the same time, how this just also called new theory of law has meant an important change in how fundamental rights are now taught at Latin American universities.  

Specially balancing means today a new method of understanding Constitutional Law and it is our special wish to develop these ideas since two important points of view: the judicial position, due to our condition of constitutional judges (in Peru we have constitutional judges), and how professors also face this requirement about a new vision of Law since neoconstitutionalism.  

In this way, we aim to explain these experiences of several years in constitutional courts and at different universities whose programs share these ideas.  

Edwin Figueroa Gutarra


Constitutional Court of Chiclayo, Peru

Professor at Academia de la Magistratura de Perú( Peru Judicial National Academy)



Dear colleague, first of all we would like to thank you sincerely for presenting a submission of interest to the IACL World Congress in Oslo 2014. We have also decided to admit your proposal according to its objective interest.

However we have received nearly seventy applications and, in spite of having rejected many of them at this moment, we will be forced to open a new process of review at the end of March considering all the final papers. But, we will just reject some poor proposals or not located to the main stream of the workshop.

Furthermore just some of the selected papers will be directly presented by the authors at the workshop and the rest will be summarized by both Chairmen.

Recommendation: According to the object of the workshop, please try to focus adjudication of human rights on the division of power with the Legislature or other powers. The organic issues more than interpretative theories.

Best regards

Bertrand Mathieu & Javier García Roca.


Cher collègue,

Tout d’abord nous voudrions vous remercier sincèrement pour avoir présenté une soumission d’intérêt au Congrès Mondial de AIDC à Oslo en 2014. Nous avons décidé de retenir  votre proposition au regard de l’intérêt qu’elle présente et des critères, les plus objectifs possibles, que nous avons fixés. 

Cependant nous avons reçu près de soixante-dix propositions et, bien que nous ayons été contrains d’en rejeter un nombre important dès ce stade, nous serons obligés de procéder à un nouvel examen, courant mars, des textes qui nous serons soumis. Par ailleurs, seuls certains textes, peu nombreux, au regard du temps dont nous disposons (1h 30) pourront faire l’objet d’une présentation orale d’une petite dizaine de minutes, les autres, en version écrite, seront présentés par les responsables de l’atelier et pourront être intégrés aux actes.  

Veuillez croire, Cher Collègue, en l’expression de nos sentiments fidèlement dévoués.

Bertrand Mathieu & Javier García Roca.



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