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IACL World Congress: workshop 1

15 agosto, 2017

Blog of the IACL, AIDC

2017CongressLogoOver the coming days, we will be featuring each of the 20 workshops in the 10th IACL World Congress 2018 on “VIOLENT CONFLICTS, PEACE-BUILDING AND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW”,  being held in Seoul, Republic of Korea on 18-22 June 2018. Full details are on the congress website, in English and French, along with information on how to submit a paper. Papers may be in either French or English.

WORKSHOP #1 The Debate on Establishment of the World Constitution


  • Andrew L. Strauss (USA) ( 
  • Byong Yoon, Cho (Korea) (

This workshop will explore the universal concept of constitutionalism for the adequate constitutional dimension and the universal methodology for “the Establishment of the World Constitution” as the ultimate and fundamental solution in the 21st century for the new global challenges to traditional constitutionalism in ways such as world politics, armed conflicts, terrorism and violence, global geopolitical tensions, regional confrontations, various types of violent conflicts…

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Launching the 2018 IACL World Congress

15 agosto, 2017

Blog of the IACL, AIDC

2017CongressLogoToday, we launch the website for the IACL World Congress in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 18-22 June 2018. It is available in English and French.

This blog post provides an overview of the whole event, including how to register and submit expressions of interest in presenting a paper at a workshop. Future posts will look in more detail at the rich array of activities that delegates will enjoy.

If you’re Tweeting about the congress, please use the hashtag #IACLSeoul2018 and follow us @iacl_aidc.

The IACL Congress takes place every four years, attracting hundreds of academics, judges and practitioners from across the world. The Congress is co-produced by a South Korean Organizing Committee and a programme commission of members of the IACL executive committee.

In 2018, the theme is: Violent Conflicts, Peace-Building and Constitutional Law. 

Panels of distinguished experts will lead discussion and debate of the Congress themes in four…

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Book: ‘Constitutional Preambles: A Comparative Analysis’ — Blog of the IACL, AIDC

26 julio, 2017

Constitutional Preambles: A Comparative Analysis Elgar Monographs in Constitutional and Administrative Law series Wim Voermans, Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law, Leiden Law School Maarten Stremler, Researcher and Lecturer in Constitutional Law, Tilburg Law School Paul Cliteur, Professor of Jurisprudence, Leiden Law School While their use and significance have increased in recent decades, constitutional preambles […]

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Book: Le droit contre la démocratie ?

17 julio, 2017

Blog of the IACL, AIDC


Par Bertrand Mathieu, professeur à l’École de droit de la Sorbonne Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Alors que le droit est inséparable de la construction de la démocratie, à tel point que l’on en arrive à confondre la démocratie et l’État de droit, l’idée essentielle de cet essai est de montrer que le droit peut aussi se dresser contre la démocratie. La figure d’un peuple inscrit dans des frontières et partageant un destin commun a été inséparable de la construction d’un système démocratique.

Ces éléments constitutifs de l’État s’effritent. L’existence d’ordres juridiques non étatiques obéissant à d’autres légitimités, le développement de l’individualisme et du communautarisme, la dégradation des droits fondamentaux en moralisme, l’affaiblissement du pouvoir politique, la perte d’effectivité de la notion d’intérêt général, les défis de l’islamisme radical et politique, constituent des menaces de désagrégation. Les élections présidentielles de 2017 en France témoignent de cette situation. Si la démocratie libérale…

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Book: ‘Law and Policy in Latin America: Transforming Courts, Institutions, and Rights’ edited by Pedro Fortes, Larissa Boratti, Andres Palacios and Tom Gerald Daly

30 junio, 2017

Blog of the IACL, AIDC

9781137566935Law and Policy in Latin America: Transforming Courts, Institutions, and Rights was recently published by Palgrave MacMillan as part of the University of Oxford’s St Antony’s Series. Edited by Pedro Fortes, Larissa Boratti, Andres Palacios and Tom Gerald Daly, the book offers a comprehensive introduction to law and policy responses to contemporary problems in Latin America, such as human rights violations, regulatory dilemmas, economic inequality, and access to knowledge and medicine.

The collection contains 19 chapters written by sociologists, lawyers, and political scientists on the transformations of courts, institutions and rights protection in Latin America, all of which stem from presentations at conferences in Oxford and UCL organised by the editors. Aimed at students and scholars interested in policymaking, public law, and development, the contributions present original analyses based on rigorous research, innovative case-studies, and interdisciplinary perspectives, all written in an accessible style.

Although the contributions to the book range…

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Book: ‘Constitutions and Gender’ edited by Helen Irving

19 junio, 2017

Blog of the IACL, AIDC

9781784716950Constitutions and Gender

Edited by Helen Irving, Professor of Law, Sydney Law School, The University of Sydney, Australia

Constitutions and gender is a new and exciting field, attracting scholarly attention and influencing practice around the world. This timely handbook features contributions from leading pioneers and younger scholars, applying a gendered lens to constitution-making and design, constitutional practice and citizenship, and constitutional challenges to gender equality rights and values. It offers a gendered perspective on the constitutional text and record of multiple jurisdictions, from the long-established, to the world’s newly emerging democracies. Constitutions and Gender portrays a profound shift in our understanding of what constitutions stand for and what they do.

The idea that constitutions are gendered is not new, but its recognition is the product of a revolution in thinking that began in the last decades of the twentieth century. As a field, it is attracting scholarly attention and influencing…

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Call for Applications: Ronald L Watts Young Scholar Award

31 mayo, 2017

Blog of the IACL, AIDC




The International Association of Centres for Federal Studies (IACFS) inaugurated in 2014 of the Young Scholar Award, an annual award for the best unpublished article or paper on an aspect of federalism. As of 2016, the award was renamed in honour of Ronald L. Watts.


Only young researchers, attached or associated with an IACFS member centre are eligible. They include full-time researchers, masters to doctoral and post-doctoral students. The age limit is 35 years.
Young researchers are invited to submit a journal-length article (8,000 – 10,000 words) on a topic dealing with an aspect of federalism. The topic needs not be linked to the theme of the IACFS annual conference.

The paper must be an original work but it may have already been submitted for publication. The paper must be written in English.


A young researcher submits his or…

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